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We are always here to pray for you. The Bible tells us to pray for one another and that there is power in the prayers of those who follow Christ. 

Feel free to fill out the form below and once your prayer request is approved for posting, you'll be able to see it posted in the online "Prayer Wall" below. As people pray for you, you will receive notifications in your email that the community is praying for you. 

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Below is a list of prayers submitted by people within our community. If you have prayed for the request click on the "praying hands" symbol and it will notify the person that their request has been prayed for. 


I am having a total knee replacement on Wednesday (6/2).


Please pray I am healed of many health problems and daily pain since stroke. Pills don't help. Doctors are not helping. I ask in Jesus' name. Amen. Thank you. Love you. God bless you.


Please pray that all demonic bondages and deception break off me and my family


just to be lifted from sins and the wrongs that i have committed i would like to aplogize for being a menace to society


Please pray for my 65 yr old sister joy sanders she has a stage 3 inoperable malignant tumor on her pancreas also pray her appetite nausea and hair loss will improve 314 495 9269