What To Expect

theWELLkids is a fun, friendly environment where children (Birth-5th grade) come to learn biblical truths at their own level of understanding.  We meet every Sunday morning during both our 9:00am & 11:00am gatherings at the Bethel campus and at 10:00am at the Ebenezer Campus.  For more information email elisha@theWELLbuffalo.com


theWELLkids welcomes children from Birth to 5th Grade. 

  • Birth-Crawlers (Infant Room) 
  • Walkers-3 years olds (Toddler Room) 
  • Preschool (ages 3-5) 
  • K-5th Grade (Children's Theater)


The safety of your children is the highest priority as they enter theWELLkids. So in an attempt to make Sunday's family friendly, as well as, safe....we've installed a painless check in system. If this is your first time you'll be prompted to register yourself and your children's names. 

The computer will print a ticket for the parent and the child which will be paired with a specific bar code. In order for a child to be picked up, the parent must have the check-out tag with the coinciding bar code. 

Don't worry.....we have children's workers posted at each check-in station to assist you!


Safety is top priority when it comes to dealing with minors at theWELL. Our determination to keep minors safe has led us to requiring background checks for all of our volunteers that serve around anyone younger than 18 years old. Each volunteer goes through a renewal every three years. Volunteers are also trained on our Child Protection Policy yearly which covers the signs and symptoms of abuse to look out for. We have a locked door policy at both campuses, so that our kids areas are secure for the duration of the gathering. Other steps we have taken include implementing a volunteer security team as well as having video surveillance coverage of common areas.

We want your family to feel safe here at theWELL. It's the place where you belong.



Do you love kids and want to help lead the next generation in the Way of Jesus? Join our WELLkids leadership team!

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