DISCOVERY is an opportunity offered to anyone who wishes to PARTNER here at theWELLbuffalo. PARTNERING is when an individual/family makes a commitment to connect with the vision of the church and the community it wishes to serve. DISCOVERY is a 3-4 week Journey Group that meets on Sunday evenings at 6:00pm four times a year. In each session you will hear the STORY of theWELLbuffalo, its beginnings, as well as, the VALUES and RHYTHMS that make up our church's ethos. 

At the end of DISCOVERY everyone has an opportunity to partner at ENCOUNTER and become part of theWELLbuffalo's mosaic.

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If you're not able to sign up then in the mean time here are a few links we talk about during DISCOVERY. If you plan on participating in the next DISCOVERY go ahead and look around these links ahead of time... Please take some time to take your Spiritual Gifts Assessments below and be sure to journal your results so we can talk about them.

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Partnership Covenant

Deep FAITH Through Jesus Christ...

Understanding that God exists in and values relationship, I will make time to regularly invest in my relationship with Him, 

by seeking His heart through meditation on His Sacred Text, communicating with Him in Prayer, 

and taking time to personally reflect on His goodness through Worship.  



Deep HOPE Through Community...

I value the importance of connecting with others on the same journey of faith, and will share in that journey 

as I seek to regularly relate to them, encourage them and live life along side of them. 

I will speak into the lives of others and allow them to speak into mine.


I understand that my purpose in life is to become more like Christ. 

I acknowledge that as I open up with others, I will see a greater picture of who Christ is and strive to pursue His righteousness.  

I know that accountability means quality time, therefore, I will make time to meet with others

I trust regularly and travel together with them on my journey of faith.



Living Out Our LOVE to God and Others...

I will strive to give all of myself, just as Christ gave Himself for me.  I will seek to become aware of 

the many needs around me and rely on the Holy Spirit to direct me to respond to them. I will make the time to serve others. 

I will hold nothing back including the giving of myself to invest all that

I have, my resources, my money and my heart. 

I will give because I want to, not because I have to. 


I want to act first, because that’s what Jesus did.  

I will engage the world with Love. 

I will move to be closer to those in need. I will strategically build

friendships and stop long enough to listen. 

I will look for opportunities to share my story with others. 

In every circumstance, I will breathe compassion especially when no one else will.


Compelled by the Spirit of God, I join the mission of theWELL.  

I partner with this community of Christ-followers and embrace the vision with total commitment. 

I submit myself to the Biblical authority of leadership in this community, and will share in the responsibility of deep FAITH, HOPE and living out our LOVE to God and others.