Sunday Gatherings

Here at theWELLbuffalo we value community and expression, 

both can be found as we gather together to worship Christ on a weekly basis. 


Bethel Campus: 995 Dodge Rd. Getzville, NY 14028 (9:00 & 11:00am)

Ebenezer Campus: 2784 Seneca St. West Seneca, NY (10:00am)

What to expect

We believe in expression and movement. During our gatherings feel free to worship,  journal, partake in communion, or fill out a prayer card on the prayer wall. We have a desire for everyone to grow in their FAITH and movement is a part of that. 

We meet at 9am & 11am at the Bethel Campus and 10am at the Ebenezer Campus. Each gathering offers a time of worship and prayer, as well as, a relevant conversation based on the Word of God. Worship style can very from week to week, some weeks you might find yourself gathered in an eclectic acoustic worship set and others you'll be worshiping with a full band. It doesn't matter HOW we worship but WHO we worship.

We believe "everything is about relationships......the rest is just details". Our goal is that whether you've come for the first time or you've been coming for a while, you will leave full.

drink deep. live free.


We love coffee. You love coffee. So coffee here at theWELLbuffalo is FREE and always fresh. 

You can take it anywhere, anytime and fill up as many times as you want. 

For Your Family

On Sunday you'll find a safe environment, where your children will be taught to grow deeper in their FAITH, as they learn who Jesus is. At theWELLkids we offer a variety of programming that is age appropriate and creative. 

If it's your first time coming then be sure to get here a little early to get your child into our CHECK IN software. This system ensures that only YOU the parent can get them at the end of each gathering.