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We are always here to pray for you. The Bible tells us to pray for one another and that there is power in the prayers of those who follow Christ. 

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addiction anxiety insomnia


I am heading in to the E.R as I write this right now. I took a hard fall outside my house and my left wrist took the most damage. May have broken it. I also have a few bad scraps to.


Dear Team Isaiah 32:18 My people will abide in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places. Please plead the blood of Jesus over myself, son, this property, the entrance ways, our beds, and rooms. Please pray for the angelic forces from heaven to surround this house, our rooms our property to keep home invasions out, property invasions out, . We are absolutely protected. Please pray that Raewyn, Dean and Marie will live and not die and declare the works of the Lord. Psalm 118:17 Thank you very much God bless Marie grace


I'm requesting prayers from to the Lord to rid us of rats living within the walls of our home. We've had exterminator come by several times set up traps but so far the rats remain alive. May the Lord Drive the rats out or die. Thank you Margaret.


Our son AJ has a form of blood cancer. He was scheduled for surgery on Sept. 4th but from the results of his pet scan and bloodwork they admitted him to Roswell and he will be operated on tomorrow Thurs Aug 27th. AJ is Kristan’s husband and father of JT, Tyler, Ashley Grace, Dylan and Ryan. I don’t know how much info they have shared with the younger children. Please keep AJ and his/our family in your prayers. Thank you!!!