theWELLstudents is a student community of 6th-12th graders that meet Wednesday nights at

995 Dodge Rd. Getzville, NY 14068 at 6:30pm and Sunday nights at 2784 Seneca St Buffalo, NY 14224 at 5pm

On a Wednesday or Sunday night a student can expect to come and enjoy a night filled with games, pizza, a relevant conversation and the opportunity to meet in age/gender Journey Groups, which give each student an opportunity to better understand themselves and their FAITH.

Student Journey Groups

Sometimes students can't express themselves in large groups. 

With the constant pressure of school, peers, and expectations....students need an outlet to communicate, especially with a leader who can steer them towards Biblical truth. In theWELLstudents they'll have that with Student Journey Groups. 

Spring overflow

Below is a promo video for a One-Day youth retreat known as Overflow where worship will help our students experience the presence of God. Also there are seminars to help our students have a better understanding of dating, identity, faith that moves mountains, and living out our faith boldly. 

When - Saturday, May 19th

Time - 9am - 8pm

Where - 300 Kensington Ave, Buffalo, NY 14214

Register for Summer Camp!

When - July 8-12

Where - Houghton College

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2018 Never the same camp