DISCOVERY is an opportunity offered to anyone who wishes to PARTNER here at theWELLbuffalo. PARTNERING is when an individual/family makes a commitment to connect with the vision of the church and the community is wishes to serve. DISCOVERY is a 4 week Journey Group that meets on Sunday evenings at 6:00pm four times a year. In each session you will hear the STORY of theWELLbuffalo, its beginnings, as well as, the VALUES and RHYTHMS that make up our church's ethos. 

At the end of DISCOVERY everyone has an opportunity to partner at ENCOUNTER and become part of theWELLbuffalo's mosaic.

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Our next DISCOVERY is scheduled for January 2016. 

If interested email In the mean time here are a few links we talk about during DISCOVERY. If you plan on participating in the next DISCOVERY go ahead and look around these links ahead of time... Please take some time to take your Spiritual Gifts Assessments below and be sure to journal your results so we can talk about them.

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