our partners

We are so thankful for the many partnerships that have enabled us to forge ahead with our vision and the resources needed to fuel that vision to become the reality it is today. Below is a list of the network of churches and organizations that have helped and continue to help us along the way.

Click on the names of each origination below to be directed to their website.


  • journey church

    Franklin, TN

    theWELLbuffalo's roots go back farther than the eye can behold - all the way to The Journey Church in Franklin, TN. Its at Journey where we learned about church at its beginning phases and how to manage and sustain growth. Journey continues to encourage and support theWELLbuffalo, and is a significant part of who we are and what we value today.

  • The chapel

    Amherst, NY

    The Chapel has been a part of theWELLbuffalo from the beginning. They have been gracious to us in so many ways. Their leadership has spent time helping us process, their staff has made themselves available to us for training and support purposes, and their people have come to serve and encourage us.

  • The mission of the NAB (North American Baptist Conference) is to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ at home and internationally. This can best be accomplished as we combine the strength of all member churches. The International Office seeks to support this mission by helping churches and mission fields develop leaders who are able to multiply ministries in their respective settings.

  • Our dream is to empower the people of Haiti to empower others in their communities. Based on our faith in Jesus Christ, our mission is to help the Haitian people discover their gifts through education and pour their gifts back into the Haitian community. Our mission is also to connect with other people around the world that share in our vision because we believe in the power of community and collaboration. We know that when people use what they have to give, it not only affects their lives for the better, but also the lives of those around them. 

  • NAMB (The North American Mission Board) is a part of the Southern Baptist Convention. Part of our family tree has been our pastor's involvement with churches who have been affiliated with NAMB. They are one of the largest missions sending organizations and truly have a heart to see the Gospel proclaimed through church planting all around the world.