Be9  Instructions

Welcome and thank you for taking the next step and getting involved in a Journey Group. Over the next 9 weeks we will be exploring the Fruit of the Spirit in a brand new series called Be9. Each week you'll revisit this page and click on the Be9 icon below for that week. Every week there will be a personal journey section that will offer 3 parts (Read, Listen, and a weekly challenge called Be) for you to journal and complete. The second section for the week will be used during your weekly Journey Group meeting. As always, if there are any questions feel free to email

Be9 Weekly

Personal Journey

Click on the icon below to open up weekly personal journey for the coinciding week. The pdf. is a downloadable and printable file, however, there will be clickable key words that are hyperlinked to video and audio tracks that will make this experience even better! Each weekly personal journey will include 3 Parts - Read, Listen & Be. In each section you are encouraged to journal your experiences in a journal and watch what God does in your life over these next 9 weeks!

Be9 Journey group


Welcome to the Journey Group Experience section of our Be9 Series. Below you will find clickable icons that will open up an interactive .pdf file that can be viewed on your phone or printed if necessary. You will use this to guide your Journey Group Experience  so facilitators be prepared to share your phone or even better a tablet! Also below the icon will be the title for each week, these titles are clickable and linked to the conversation video from Sunday's gathering. Thank you again and any questions feel free to email